• Textile silos
  • Textile silos

Textile Silos

Lorandi Silos textile silo is one of the latest technologies followed for the in-door solutions.


The storing of raw materials - powders, granules - chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics & rubber, food, confectionary, bakeries etc.


Suitable for indoor installations, sheltered from weather


Equipped with support frames, anti-dust, breathable fabric (to avoid condensation)


Equipped with filtering top


Square/ rectangular - custom made design according to the building


Air-permeable - 200 l/dm2/ min a 200Pa ISO9237


Suitable for food stuff, fabric totally made of polyester thread.



  • Plastic Industries
  • Food masala industry
  • PET bottle
  • Rigid Packaging
  • Auto components
  • Flexible films
  • Pipes, Profiles & Wires industry
  • Recycling industry
  • Pet food industry
  • Wood & Energy industry

Some of our silos