Silos - Optionals & Accessories

Accessories for storage silos

Accessories for silos includes many options, according to your industry and conditions. We offer different kinds of solutions to protect the enviornment with self cleaning filters. Maintenance and safety equipments can be added more to the silos. Level sensors, loads cells should enhance your production capabilities. Vibrating bottom, torrodial rings can be used for the powder bottleneck solutions


Handrail Gives a protective solution for the silos, while reaching the top of the roof.

silos - Optional handraill

LadderSafety ladder is provided to reach the top of the silo, for maintenance activity.

Overhead passage.
Overhead passage is ideal, when there are more than 1 silos. The silos needs to be in a matrix form, for convinenant solutions.

silos - Over head passage

Level sensorNon contact level sensors including radar; and contact type level sensors are to be used for low-level, mid-level and top-level auotmation.

silos - Level indicator

Control panelControl panel can be supplied with the safety features incorporated along with the passage to the next stage process automation.

FilterFilters are used during the loading systems and ideal to protect the environment with exhaust from the raw material storage. Different kinds of filters are needed for each scenario. 

Vibrating bottomVibrating bottom is ideal for the handling technology for the powders and you are interested in FIFO flow.

vibration Bottom

Load cellsLoad cells are used to check the weight of the material that is available inside the stroage silos and mixer silos. These give an idea for the production planning and control. .

Load cells

Torroidal ringTorroidal rings are used in specific case of materials, where the humdiity and the dry ness needs to be maintained for the product.

Torroidal rings